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Domain Transfer | Transfering from Wild West Domains (Freewebs Domains)

posted this on February 22, 2010, 6:16 PM

Transferring from Wild West Domains (aka Freewebs Domains)

The following instructions are for Webs Domains customers only. If you did not register your domain name through Webs Domains please contact your registrar for specific instructions for obtaining your authorization code and unlocking your domain name. Skip these instructions.

Obtaining your Webs Domains Username and Password

Log into your Freewebs Domains account with your Customer ID and password. When you registered your domain name with Webs Domains you were given a Customer ID and you created a password for that account. You also received an Order Confirmation Email from Webs Domains that has your Customer ID in it.


If you no longer have this information, Webs Domains offers several different options for retrieving your login information.

Once you have retrieved your login information click Login to My Account and type your Customer # and Password. Click Secure Login.

  1. Click Manage Domains under My Domains
  2. Click the domain name you are transferring
  3. Turn off Privacy
  4. Turn off Business Registration
  5. Unlock the Domain
  6. Update the Contacts information

Authorization Code


  1. Click Send by Email
  2. Confirm on the pop over page that you want the email sent

  3. Check your email address for the Authorization code
Tip: If it is not in your Inbox make sure it is not in your junk mail folder or spam folder.
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