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Setting up Mailboxes

posted this on March 1, 2010, 1:05 PM

Email Services | Customize your Email

If you have a custom domain name on your account you can have an email address like or anything you would like. You have the option of purchasing Pro Email or Email Forwarding.


Note: If you have already purchased email and are having problems managing it, please check out the following articles for troubleshooting the most common errors:
Help! If you are receiving an error message when managing your email services that says that the Webmail Host Name is taken, please contact support right away.
What's the difference between Pro Email and Email Forwarding?

Pro Email

  • Send and Receive email from webmail or POP3 / SMTP
  • Manage your email through Outlook, Outlook Express, or any other mail application
  • Spamshield
  • Auto responders
  • Unlimited forwarding aliases

Email Forwarding

  • Create an email alias that will forward emails to your personal email (gmail, yahoo, msn, etc)
  • Mask your personal email address
  • Create a single alias that will send to multiple personal email addresses

After you have purchased email services for your custom domain name visit the Email Services option under the Premium Services menu to create and manage your mailboxes or aliases.

Creating a Mailbox


  1. Click Email Services under the Premium Menu
  2. Click the Manage button in the Manage Email section
  3. Click Add a new Mailbox
    - Enter a Username
    - Enter a Password
    - Re-enter Password
    - Mailbox Space
  4. Click Create Mailbox
  5. Log into your new mailbox through the link above the Manage Email box

Creating a Forwarding Alias


  1. Click Email Services under the Premium Menu
  2. Click the Manage button in the Manage Email section
  3. Click Add an Email Alias
    - Enter an Alias Address
    - Add the addresses (separated by commas) that you want the alias to forward to
  4. Click Add Email Alias

Managing your Email


Return to the Email section of Premium Services to manage your mailboxes for your custom domain names.

In this section you can:

  • Add / Delete mailboxes and aliases
  • Add / Remove storage space from the mailboxes
  • Purchase more email and more space for the mailboxes
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