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LogoGizmo | Custom Logo Creation

posted this on May 13, 2011, 2:48 PM

Creating A Custom Logo With Ease


For a quick, easy way to create a custom logo for your website, you can use the LogoGizmo app. LogoGizmo provides an easy design interface and a vast library of graphics to create a professional, attractive logo instantly.

NOTE: LogoGizmo works outside of the Webs SiteBuilder. Any custom logos you create will be saved to your File Manager under the LogoGizmo folder.

Install the Application

To install the LogoGizmo App, click on the Applications tab once you’re logged into your Site Manager. Scroll down to and click “Music and Podcast” in the Apps Store, or select LogoGizmo from the “Add Multimedia” tab. This will bring you to the main page for the application.


On the right column is the App Details area. Click the green “install” button. The application will successfully install. Click the green “manage” button to be directed to the main design page for LogoGizmo.

NOTE: Be sure to review the Terms Of Use prior to installing.

Create Your Logo

The “Home” tab for LogoGizmo provides an overview of the options and features available within the application. When you’re ready to start creating, click the “Create New Logo” tab.


Under the “Create New Logo” tab, you’ll find three steps. The first step is to choose your profession. This will help LogoGizmo gather the most relevant graphics to your business. Or you can type a term into the search box, which will bring you to a collection of related graphics under “Step 2: Select Your Style/Symbol.”


Once you choose your graphic, you’ll be taken to “Step 3: Customize Your Logo.” This is the editing stage where you can insert text like your business name and a tagline. You can also choose the colors of your logo and change the placement of your logo image. There are tons of options and trying them all out is part of the fun!


WARNING: Do not navigate away from the customize page before finalizing your purchase. You will lose your custom design and have to start from scratch!

Click the “purchase” button to buy your design through the Webs Premium checkout page.

Once you have successfully checked out, you can download EPS, JPEG and PNG file formats of your logo.

WARNING: Only one (1) logo can be created and saved in the shopping cart. you will lose this logo if you create a second logo without purchasing this logo first.

Tips for Using Your New Logo with Webs

Keep the colors of you template and the dimensions of your header area in mind when creating your logo. For more on logo dimensions, as well as choosing a template that will allow custom logos, check out this helpful topic in our Support Community:

Your new logo can be downloaded in the three formats - EPS, JPEG and PNG. The best options for your site are the JPEG and PNG formats.

You can always return to the LogoGizmo app from your Site Manger. The application will be listed under the “Utility Applications” menu on the right column.

For more on customizing your site design, check out these helpful articles elsewhere in the Webs Knowledge Base:

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