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Adding Depth to Your Website with Applications

The App Store is a great listing of applications from Webs and Webs partners that are specifically designed to work with your website.


Applications are tools like galleries, forums, and stores that will take on the same look and feel of your website. We offer our own applications (blog, forums, photos, store, webform, wiki) as well as applications built by our third-party partners.

TIP: You can see who built an application in the App Store under the application name.

Many of the applications we offer are free of charge. However, some offer a trial period, or require an upgrade to unlock additional features. In the App Store each application will list the Terms of the application under the App name.

You can access the App Store by clicking the “Applications” tab after logging into your Webs account. You can also get to the App Store by clicking the blue “Add an Application” button from your Site Manager.

Installing an Application

From within the App Store, use the App Categories menu to browse through the different types of applications we offer and choose the once that is right for your site.

NOTE: Webs Apps like the blog, photo gallery, video gallery, and more can be installed from the App Store or by adding a New Page and selecting the Webs App from the page type options.

Once you select an app to learn more about it, you will also find the option to install the application to your site.


TIP: If you are installing a third party app (like Cafe Press, for example) you’ll be prompted to create or connect to your account with that provider before your application is properly installed on your website.

Accessing Your Applications

Once you have installed the application, it will be listed under "My Pages" in the Site Manager.


The same tools that are available for normal pages are also available for any applications listed under "My Pages.". You can edit, view, change the settings for, protect, hide, and delete the application in the Site Manager.

Utility Applications

Utility Applications are not listed under My Pages. Utility Applications enhance your site in ways that don’t create pages, therefore they are not managed and accessed like site pages.


You can locate these under the Utility Applications panel to the right of your list of pages in the Site Manager.

Managing Your Applications

All applications have a Settings option in the application editor that will allow you to modify the settings for that application.


  1. Click the Edit option in the Site Manager for the application you want to modify the settings on.
  2. Click the Settings option found at the top of the Site Builder.
  3. Each application has it's own set of options.

Uninstalling an Application

From the “My Pages” list in your Site Manager, click the “x” to delete page.


You’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to uninstall the app.


If you only want to delete the published page for the app, click “delete page” (this will not uninstall the app).

Click “uninstall app” to not only remove the published page from your site but to also uninstall the application.

NOTE: For Utility Applications, simply click the “remove” link for the app in the Utility Applications panel on the Site Manager.

For help using specific applications, check out the complete section in our Knowledgebase:

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