Domain Transfer | Using DNS hosting to Attach your Domain

Use our DNS hosting to attach your domain name to your Webs account

This article will explain how to attach a custom domain that is registered with another registrar with DNS hosting. 

IMPORTANT: We do not provide the option to point an existing domain to a Webs-hosted site using A-records or an IP address. Please use the DNS option.

How to Use DNS to host with Webs

Step 1: Log into your domain registrar and change your nameservers (also known as DNS servers) to Webs.
Nameserver Information:


Step 2: Upgrade your Webs account to any one of the three premium service packages through the Premium Services section of your account.

Note: You do not need Premium Services to use a unique domain name if your domain name is registered through Webs or Webs Domains.

Step 3: Click the "Attach it now" link at the bottom of the page to enter the domain name and click Go!

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