How do I get my Transfer / EPP / Authorization code for my Domain?

I need my Transfer / EPP / Authorization Code for my Domain Name

Transferring a domain name away from Webs means moving the registration of your domain name from Webs to a new domain registrar. In order to transfer your domain name it needs to be greater than 60 days old, and it is a good idea to initiate the transfer before the domain name is up for renewal. 

A domain name transfer can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, and if your domain name is up for renewal or recently expired you run the risk of complicating the transfer and possibly losing your domain in the process.

Before you initiate the transfer of your domain name make sure that the Registrant Email Address is up to date. This is where your transfer code will be emailed.

Did you know...

you can host your web site through another provider without transferring the domain registration?

This is the easiest and fastest way to move your web site. Your domain registration will remain with Webs and any changes or renewals for the domain name will be handled through your account. Contact your new host and ask them for their nameservers. You can change these yourself through the Domains section of your account.

More information on changing your nameservers.

How to request your Transfer Code





  1. Log into your Webs account and click the Premium button
  2. Click Domain Names from the menu bar
  3. Click Settings for the domain you are transferring out

Next Steps...

  1. Verify that your Registrant and Admin email addresses are up to date in the Whois section.
    This is where the EPP code is sent. You must make sure it is a valid email address. 
  2. Click the Other tab
  3. Click the option under Transfer Domain


You will navigate through three screens after clicking the "Request Transfer Code" button. Please help us by providing information as to why you are transferring your domain name away from Webs and click Submit. 

You will then receive an email titled "Requested authorization key for" from

Did not receive the email?

Check your spam and junk mail folders.

How to check your Spam and Junk Mail Folders.

After you receive the email, follow the steps provided by your new registrar to complete the process.

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