Guestbook | Leave a Message

Guestbook | Leave a Message

Guestbook-PageIcon.jpg Like signing the book at a wedding, the Guestbook App has a place in your new website by letting you know who is visiting and why. Leave a description inviting people to comment. Or you can be unique. Create a YouTube video of yourself inviting people to sign the Guestbook and embed it in the post.

Plus, when people put down their e-mail, it automatically sends them a message inviting them to become a member of your website. Becoming a member lets them receive e-mail whenever someone replies to their comments, or whenever you update portions of your site.

Adding a Guestbook

The first step to having a Guestbook on your website is to add the Guestbook application. The guestbook application can be added through the Site Manager in the Edit Site section of your account.

  1. Click Edit Site in your account
  2. By default you should be in the Site Manager
  3. Click the Add a New Page button under My Pages
  4. Select the Guestbook icon and give the page a name
    Note: If the Guestbook icon is not listed you may already have a Guestbook installed on your site.
  5. Click Create Page to create your Guestbook


Guestbook Settings


  • Guestbook Description
  • Who can post
    - Everyone
    - Members Only
  • Entries to display per page
  • Enable Rich Text Comments

Editing a Guestbook Entry


A guestbook entry can be replied to, edited, and deleted. It is only possible to edit a guestbook entry for up to an hour after it has been posted.

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