Manage Account | How do I Delete My Account and Close my Site?

How to Delete your Site and Close Your Account

Accidentally setup a site that you didn't need, or decide to incorporate the site into another one? No problem, Webs provides a tool for you to delete your site if necessary.

You will need to log into your account using your Webs ID (your email address) or your account's username.

Don't remember your login information? Click here for some tips on how to login.

Premium Account? Don't See Option to Delete Site?

If you have a premium account you will not see the option to delete your site. It is imperative to turn off the automatic renewal of your premium service subscriptions if you do not wish to be charged anymore. Skip to the instructions for turning off automatic renewal.

Once your subscriptions expire, you will be able to use the following instructions to delete your account.

Deleting your Site / Closing your Account


  1. Click Control Panel
  2. Click Website Settings under Manage Website
  3. Under More Settings in the right sidebar click Delete this Website


Premium Account

Note: It is not possible to delete your account while you still have active premium services or a custom domain name. These services will need to expire before you can delete the site. 

Turning off Automatic renewal of your Subscriptions

The automatic renewal of your premium services and custom domain name can be turned off through the Premium Services section of your account. 

Accessing Premium Services

There are three ways to access the Premium Services section of your account

  1. Click Manage Premium in your Control Panel
  2. Click the Star Icon in your account header (shown in the image below)
  3. Select Manage next to Premium in the Site Settings section of your account


How to Turn off Auto Renew

  1. Click Domain Names to turn off automatic renewal for any domain names registered with Webs
  2. Click Billing to turn off automatic renewal for any premium subscriptions you have on your account

Once you have turned off automatic renewal for your premium services and/or domain name you can unpublish your site using the following steps. Once the services expire, you will be able to delete your account.

You can delete all the pages and files except the home page - and remove all content from that page - but you cannot delete the entire site/account if there is a domain name still currently registered through the site.

Once you have turned off the automatic renewal of your premium service subscription you can click here for instructions on un-publishing or removing your website.

Deleting your WebsID

You can delete your WebsID if you are not subscribed to any sites and you have deleted any sites you are an administrator of.

Removing yourself from Sites you've Subscribed to

  1. Log in at with your WebsID (email address)
  2. In the Dashboard the second main section is labeled Sites I've subscribed to
  3. Click Leave Site to unsubscribe to that site
Note: If you want to re-subscribe to the site you will need to visit the site and sign up again. The site owner will need to confirm you as a member.
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