Domain Transfer | Part 4 - What's Next?

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Domain Transfer | Part 3 - Initiating the Transfer

What's Next?

So you have intitated and paid for your domain transfer.

Note: The transfer does not happen immediately.

What's next? You will need to confirm that you requested the domain transfer by clicking a link in a verification email sent within 24 hours of your transfer request.

Confirm your Transfer Request

Webs will send an email to the contact email address for the domain name within 24 hours of initiating the transfer.

In the email is a link that takes you to the page pictured below to confirm that you are the domain owner and you did authorize the transfer.


You must click this link and confirm the transfer request for the transfer to be successful.

Help! Did not receive your verification email? Make sure you check your spam settings to allow emails from to arrive in your Inbox. More help on how to check your spam settings can be found here -

Checking your Spam filter and whitelisting emails

You can have the verification email resent by visiting the Domains section of Premium Services in your account.

And then?

After you click the link in the Verification email, you will not need to do anything further. The losing registrar will need to send the domain name to us. Once this happens successfully your domain name will be set up on your account. You will then be able to manage your domain name through the Domains section.

Note: You can check the status of your domain transfer at any time through the Domains section of your account. If a transfer fails the reason will be posted in this section. Additionally you will automatically receive a refund within 7 - 10 days of the date the domain transfer fails.
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