Manage Account | I have important stuff on my account that I want to keep!

I don't want to keep my site, but there is important stuff on the account I want to keep.

If you want to gain access to old content that you can't save directly from the published website and you are a premium customer contact us right away through the Lost Password page on our home page.

If you have a free account it will not be possible to access your account. The Email address you set as your Account Email address is used for security reasons and is how we verify you as the legitimate owner of your site. Account information such as your username/password can only be released to the Account Email address. We cannot release passwords to anyone based only on a claim that a site belongs to them.

If you are unable to access your account email address, and do not remember your username/password, it is not possible to gain access to your Webs account. This form of verification is used to protect our users and their accounts from unauthorized access.

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