Domain Transfer | Part 3 - Initiating the Transfer

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Initiating the Transfer of your Domain

So you have completed the checklist here - Domain Transfer | Part 2 - Preparing for the Transfer and you are now prepared to transfer your domain name to You can initiate the transfer of your domain name through the Premium --> Domains section of your account

Note: While most domain names require an authorization code in order to initiate the transfer of the domain name to a new registrar. For non-realtime domain names (such as you will need to provide your existing registrar with our IPS tag.
Tip: The IPS tag for Webs is ENOM.

How to Start the Transfer

  1. Log into the account you are transferring your domain name to
  2. Visit the Premium section of your Account

  3. Then click on the Domains option in the gray bar

  4. Scroll down to the section labeled Transfer a Domain

  5. Type in the Authorization Code you received via email
  6. Click the Transfer Domain button
  7. Select the additional options for your domain such as Custom Email Options and Privacy Protection
  8. Click Next
  9. Review your order then proceed to checkout
  10. On the checkout page enter your billing information, read the Registration Agreement
  11. Click Next only once to process your order and start the transfer process
Note: You can manage the status of your Domain Transfer at any time through the Premium Services section of your account.

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