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Web Store Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is a feature available to customers who have upgraded to the Enhanced or Pro premium subscription. You can set up inventory tracking in your WebStore through Settings. Prior to using Inventory tracking it is important to set up your merchant accounts with PayPal and Google to work with the Inventory tracking feature.


To track inventory in PayPal you will need a Premier PayPal Seller account.

Login to your Paypal Seller Account and follow these steps: 

  1. Click the Profile tab
  2. Under Selling Preferences on the right, click Website Payment Preferences. 
  3. Click On for Auto Return for Website Payments. 
  4. Set the Return URL to: http://yourwebsite.com/apps/webstore/stores/paypal_return

Google Checkout

To track inventory with your Google Merchant Account you need to follow the following steps: 

  1. Click the Settings Tab, then the Integration link on the left side.
  2. Set the API Callback URL to: http://yourwebsite.com/apps/webstore/stores/google_checkout_api
  3. Under Callback Contents check Notification Serial Number.

The settings page should display the exact URL you will need to set in the PayPal or Google Checkout API.

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