Manage Files | Upload Errors

Manage Files | Upload Errors

Now that you’ve learned how to upload files via your File Manager, we’re going to help identify any errors you might run into when uploading using any of our tools.

In this article, we will cover:


Apps Upload Errors

Ever see an error that looks like this?


This error is commonly identified with the numbers “302” or “2038.” It can occur in any application that uses the Flash-based upload button, like the Photo Gallery, Video Gallery and Podcast App. You may run into this when using the Firefox browser after there has been an update to Flash. This is easily resolved by updating your Flash player.

You can do this at:


Storage Quotas & Other Limitations

You may run into issues uploading if you have exceeded a Storage Quota. These limitations are based on the amount of storage you have already used in relation to your account level.

Web Store: Item Image Limitations


If you receive a yellow notice like this when uploading images with the Web Store application, you may be attempting to use more images than are supported by your account type and package. Free users are limited to 1 image per item while users with Premium Packages have more options:


For more information on these limitations, check out this helpful topic in our Support Community:
“Image Upload Limitations And Problems For Web Store Products - Read First!”

Upload Limitations for Provisional Users

When you create a new free account with Webs, it is defined as “provisional” for the first 7 days. This was introduced as a security feature in order to review accounts for possible phishing, malware, spamming and other abusive practices.

During the 7-day provisional period, “zip” (compressed) and “exe” (executable) file types cannot be uploaded via the File Manager. These types of files will not be available for use until after the Provisional Period has ended. You'll need to upload the files again after that time.

For more information what it means to have a “provisional” account, check out this helpful article in our Support Community:
Questions about Provisional Accounts? Read First!

Video Upload Errors

There are also limitations when uploading videos based on your account type.


  • Free: 30 minutes (~10 videos) ­ max video size: 10 minutes
  • Domain / Ad-free: 30 minutes (~10 videos) ­ max video size: 10 minutes
  • Starter: 150 minutes (~50 videos) ­ max video size: 20 minutes
  • Enhanced: 1000 minutes (~300 videos) ­ max video size: 30 minutes
  • Pro: Unlimited minutes ­ max video size: 90 minutes


For more information on Video quota limits, or if you’re experiencing an encoding error, please check out the following article elsewhere in our Knowledge Base:
Managing Video Uploads | On Video Encoding, Compatibility & Deletion

Additional Errors

There are some errors you may run into during the upload process that are not on this list. If that happens, and you need to report an issue, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

There are three primary ways to upload files to your website:

  • SiteBuilder: When you are adding elements to a page (like images, videos and music) on the editing stage, you are using the SiteBuilder to do it.
  • Applications (Video Gallery, Photo Gallery, etc): Uploading via the applications is slightly different. This happens when you’re in the “management” page for the app itself.
  • The File Manager is used when you’re storing files for later use. The File Manager tab is just after the Site Manager tab once you log into your Webs account.


Please let your Webs Support Team know which one of these methods you were using when the complication occurred. You may also be asked to provide a screenshot. For more on submitting Support requests, as well as what to include in your screenshot, check out these other helpful articles in our Knowledge Base:


Additional help with uploads is also provided in our Support Community:

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