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Introduction to the Photo Gallery

While you can add photos to your website using the File Manager, it might be necessary to have a page with just photos and an easy way to upload, arrange and display them. This is where the Photo Gallery application comes in handy. Your site’s members can also add photos!

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Installing the Photo Gallery App

If your website doesn’t already have a Photo Gallery, it’s easy to add one. From your Site Manager page, click the green “add a new page” button and select “Photos” from the pop-up.


The page will be named “Photos” by default, but you can change this in the “page name” field.

Click “create page” to be directed to the Photo Gallery application and start adding images!

Your First Photo Album

The first time you add images to your Photo Gallery application, you’ll be asked to name an album.


NOTE: You will not be able to add images to your Photo Gallery without adding them to an existing album or creating an album for them to appear in.

To upload new images:

  1. Click "Upload Photos."
  2. Once your browser window pops up, select the folder from your hard drive you want to add photos from.
  3. If you want to upload multiple photos at once, just hold down CTRL on your keyboard as you click the files you want to add to your Gallery.


IMPORTANT: The upload button is Flash-based. If you don’t see the upload button as it appears in the screenshot above, you will have to update your Flash installation. You can do that by clicking here.

You can confirm that the upload was successful once the image thumbnails appear under “Photos Uploaded.” You will also be greeted with a message that says “Upload complete! Click on Upload Photos to upload more photos or Submit if you're finished.”


If you want to use image files that are already uploaded to your File Manager, click the “My Files” tab instead of the “Upload” tab.

Click “submit” to fill in album and photo details.

Album Details


On the Album Details page, you can edit the album title, write a description of your album or define which category you want the album to be a part of. Click the “More Album Options” link to reveal settings for comments, who can upload and music for your slideshow.

Photo Details


Further along the Album Details page are Photo Details for each image. This is where you name your images and give captions, which allows your images to be found with the search bar on the main Gallery page. Additionally, you can move images to different albums, re-order your images, or set an image as the album cover.

If you want to delete an image from an album, click the red “delete” button.

NOTE: Deleting an image from your album does not increase file storage space. To delete files to free up space you will have to delete the file from your File Manager.

Once you click “save” on the Album Details page, you’ll be redirected to the main Photo Gallery page in your SiteBuilder, along with “Recent Photos” and “Photo Categories” modules on your Sidebar!


Managing Categories

Click the “edit categories” button to jump directly to the Manage Categories page. This is where you can define, remove and arrange the order of your Categories.


Category names will display in a drop-down menu of on your published Gallery page in addition to the Sidebar.

REMINDER: Albums are arranged within categories. Not the other way around!

Important Tips

Image resolution shrinking when uploaded?

Any image over 500KB and having width over 800 pixels is reduced to a width of 800 pixels. To avoid this, upload images via the File Manager instead of the Photo Gallery app. Be sure to uncheck the "optimize images and videos for web" option, which will upload the image at the full, original resolution. The file can now be chosen for inclusion in the Gallery by using "My Files" instead of "Upload."

Option to expand images to “full size” not on the published image page?

In the Gallery settings, “who can download” is set to “disabled.” Since the download and full size options work together, the Gallery setting must be to allow anyone to download images. This will restore the “full size” option.

Sidebar module for “Recent Images” not showing?

This means the default Gallery view is set to Slideshow View. In Slideshow View, there are no direct links to image pages, which means there’s nothing for the thumbnail to link to. Switch the default view to “Social Gallery” in your Album Settings. Visitors will still have the option to view each album as a slideshow!

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