Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Videos-PageIcon.jpgAdd videos and make your own channels. Easily embed from YouTube and other video sites, or upload straight to Webs. Let your site members post videos to your galleries as well!

How To Add A Video Gallery

The first step to having a Video Gallery on your web site is to add the Video Gallery application. The Video Gallery application can be added through the Site Managerin the Edit Site section of your account.

  1. Click Edit Site in your account
  2. By default you should be in the Site Manager
  3. Click the Add a New Page button under My Pages
  4. Give your Video Gallery a name and click Create Page
  5. You will be taken to the Video Gallery editor

Video Gallery Settings

The Video Gallery settings section allows you to change the gallery Title and give the gallery a Description that appears on the published gallery's home page. You can also set the default view, who can post comments, videos and who can manage channels through the Video Gallery settings section.

How to get to the Video Gallery Settings

  1. In the Site Manager click edit next to the Video Gallery listed under My Pages
  2. Click the Settings button to access the Video Gallery Settings page

Title and Description

Add or change your Video Gallery Title and a Description. In the description you can edit the formatting of the text, add links, videos, images, or custom smilies. The description will appear at the top of your published application.




Default View

The default view allows you to decide how visitors will first see your Video Gallery. The grid option will show thumbnails of the videos. While the list option shows a list of the uploaded videos.

Who Can Post Comments

You can allow anyone or just site members the ability to post comments about your videos. You can also disable commenting completely.

Who Can Post Videos

This option allows you to select who is allowed to upload videos to your Video Gallery. Choose from Moderators, Members, Limited Members or only the Site Owner.

Who Can Manage Channels

Channels are like folders for your Videos. They allow you to sort your video by subject or whatever you decide. You can also choose who is allowed to manage the channels (add, remove, modify). Choose from Moderators, Members, Limited Members or only the Site Owner.

Tip: How to Become the Site Owner of your Site

The Site Owner is a special privilege that only one person can have. The Site Owner is associated with the WebsID email address for that account.

To setup yourself as the Site Owner, login to your account and click the "Site Settings" tab. If your email address is verified, you will automatically have your WebsID setup and attached to your site as the Site Owner (with the same email/password as your site)

If you have not verified your email address, you will need to do that first.

Adding a Video


When adding a video to your Video Gallery you have four options.

  1. URL
  2. Embed Code
  3. Search YouTube
  4. Upload / My Videos
NOTE: Make sure that when posting videos from Youtube that you are using the actual URL found at the top of the Youtube video page and not the "share" or short URL.

Edit a Video

In the Video Gallery

Hover over the video you want to edit and the Options Toolbar will appear. Edit or Delete by clicking the corresponding icon.

Editing Comments

Click on the video in the Video Gallery. Next to the comment you will see reply, edit (for up to 1 hour after the comment has been posted) and delete.


Video Quota Limits

Video quota limits are based on the number of minutes in a video and your account level.

For instance, if you are a free user you can have 30 total minutes of video on your account. However, the maximum size of each video must be 10 minutes or less.

So, if you have 3 10 minute videos or 30 1 minute videos you will need to upgrade or remove some videos if you want to add more.

  • Free: 30 minutes (~10 videos) ­ max video size: 10 minutes
  • Domain / Ad-free: 30 minutes (~10 videos) ­ max video size: 10 minutes
  • Starter: 150 minutes (~50 videos) ­ max video size: 20 minutes
  • Enhanced: 1000 minutes (~300 videos) ­ max video size: 30 minutes
  • Pro: Unlimited minutes ­ max video size: 90 minutes
Note: videos for premium customers will encode at a higher bit rate, giving those videos a better quality than videos uploaded by free customers.

Premium: video bit rate of 400 with a display size of 480x360
Free: video bit rate of 300 with a display size of 320x240

For an in-depth look at managing video uploads, check out this article in our Knowledge Base

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