My FTP Service isn't Working!

My FTP Service isn't working!

Here's a great introductory article on connecting via FTP that you should read first.

Make sure you have the FTP service on your Account

The FTP service is part of the Starter, Enhanced, or Pro package in the HTML account mode only. You can verify if the service is active on your account through the Premium section of your account.

You can access the Premium section of your account through the Control Panel or through the Star icon at the top of your account.


Once in the Premium section, verify that the FTP service shows up in your list of Premium entitlements as displayed below.


FTP Service not in Premium Services

If you do not see the FTP service listed, there are a couple reasons why this might be: 

  1. Your account is not in the HTML only mode. You must be in the HTML only mode, and have purchased the Starter, Enhanced, or Pro premium service package. You can downgrade to the HTML only mode through the Site Settings of your account.
    The HTML only mode means you do not use our Site Building tools to build your website. Because Webs provides a ready-to-use online Site Builder, FTP is a Premium service available only to users in the HTML-only mode.
  2. You purchased premium services while in the Site Builder mode, and then downgraded to the HTML only mode. The FTP service is not automatically provisioned, and you will need to contact our premium support team to get that set up for you.
  3. You had premium services but they have expired. Purchase a new subscription through the Premium Services section of your account.

Make sure you are using the correct login credentials

If you are using a client application, here are the correct settings: 


Username: your Webs username (all lowercase)

Password: your Webs password (case sensitive)

Default Folder: (leave blank)

If you are behind a firewall then be sure to use passive mode.  Otherwise, do not use passive mode.

Cannot Connect through your Client Application

If you are unable to connect to FTP using your client application check to make sure you are able to log in through Explorer. This ensures that the service is active, and that you are using the correct login information.


  1. Open Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer
  2. Enter the following address into the address bar  (replacing "username" with your username)
  3.  Login to the FTP server with your Username and Password
  4. You should see a directory listing of the files in your account

Mac / OS

Macs generally do not have native FTP capabilities like Windows. However, you can use Finder to open the FTP directory in read only mode. This will allow you to confirm that you are using the correct credentials.

  1. Select "Connect to Server..." from the "Go" Menu
  2. Enter (replacing username with your username)
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