How do I use FTP?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is a commonly used method of uploading files to a website. It is also used with most offline website editors to provide you with a seamless editing experience. Editors like Dreamweaver, FrontPage or Publisher use FTP to publish your website online.

How can I get FTP access?
Because Webs provides a ready-to-use online Site Builder, FTP is a Premium service available only to users in the HTML-only mode.

FTP is included with the Starter, Enhanced, or Pro Premium service packages for accounts in the HTML mode only. FTP is not included with just a Domain Name or Ad-Free account. You may review which Premium services you have through the Premium section of your Webs account.


You can downgrade your account to the HTML-Only mode through the Site Settings section. Please read all warnings before downgrading.

Downgrading to the HTML Only mode means you will no longer have access to the site building tools we offer and you will need to upload and manage your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

After downgrading, you must allow 12 hours for FTP to properly apply to your account.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol". Put simply, FTP is another piece of software that allows you to use the Internet to download or upload files from one computer to another. In this case transferring your web page to your remote host web server (ISP) and then keeping it updated. In order to make this happen you need FTP software and you need to know the "name" or address of your directory on your Web Server plus your User Name and Password.

Using FTP to Upload Files

The following instructions will only work if you have a Premium Service Package and you are in the HTML only account mode.

Free FTP applications

  • Filezilla
  • Cyberduck
  • HTML-kit

Your FTP Login Information


Username: your Webs username (all lowercase)

Password: your Webs password (case sensitive)

Default Folder: (leave blank)

If you are behind a firewall then be sure to use passive mode.  Otherwise, do not use passive mode.


Error: Invalid Username and/or Password

Make sure your account is an HTML-only account and that you have paid for a Premium services package that includes FTP access. You can verify that you have premium services through the Premium section of your account.

If you had premium services and suddenly received this message it may mean your premium service subscription has expired. Please check the Premium section of your account to confirm.

If you continue to experience problems check out this helpful article on troubleshooting your FTP access.

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