Domain Registration vs. Domain Hosting


What is the difference between registering a domain name and hosting a domain name?

As discussed in this article, a domain name is a custom address for your website. Registering a domain name allows you to own a custom address for your website for one to ten years at a time. 

Websites, like the one you build using Webs, need to be hosted. Hosting means the website and the content of the site exist on a server (or multiple servers) so visitors from all over the world will be able to see the same website that you built with just an internet connection and a web browser.


Why is this important to know?

It is important to understand that sometimes the registration of a domain name and the hosting of the website can happen through two different companies.

For example, until several years ago, Webs provided a link to a third party for domain registration and provided ad-free hosting to those customers who purchased the domain name through the third party. Unfortunately this meant our customers needed to maintain two logins and two billing accounts.

Another example is if you already have a domain name that you want to use with Webs and you use DNS to host the domain name with us. The domain name is still registered with another company, where you again will need to maintain a separate account and billing for that domain name. 

It is generally recommended to keep your domain name and your hosting with the same company. This makes it easier to manage, and gives you greater control over the settings and renewal for your domain and hosting. You can learn more about transferring a domain name to Webs through the following link.

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