How to Create an Intro Page

Adding an Intro Page to Your Site

Although Webs does not offer an application to build an intro page, you can certainly create one and add it to your site. To do so, you will have to use an external application to create the file, and then upload that page using the uploader available under your "Manage Files" area.  Here's how:

Creating the Intro Page

First, you will need to create the intro page on your computer. If you do not know HTML you may want to use a program like Frontpage or Dreamweaver to create the intro. Remember, we offer limited HTML coding support!

Tip: If you want a really simple intro or splash page you can use the instructions on the following site to create the page on your computer using Notepad.

Uploading the Intro Page

  1. Name the file index.html
    The regular homepage of your website is index.htm. The new index.html file will be picked up by the browser and display before your regular homepage.
  2. Link to the current homepage
    Make sure that your intro page (index.html) links to your homepage file (index.htm), either through an automatic redirect or a link for the user to click. Otherwise no one will be able to get from your intro page to the rest of your site!
  3. Upload the file
    Simply upload the file to your File Manager (it says "Manage Files" under the "Edit My Site/Control Panel" tab) and your new file will be the intro page.


If you can no longer access your site after uploading the intro page to your File Manager, delete the page in the File Manager to restore access to your site. Then, check the page on your computer for any errors before uploading it again.

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