Site Editor and Caching

As the person building your website, you might visit your pages several times in one day. Sometimes, this can cause a "lag" when you're trying to view changes you just made to your website. 

Instead of constantly clearing your cookies, you can actually set your browser to look for a new version of the page on every visit. 

Internet Explorer

  1. In Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options. Depending on what version of Internet Explorer you are using, you'll find that either in the Tools menu, or represented by a cog icon.
  2. Under the General Tab, in Temporary Internet Files, click Settings
  3. Change Check for newer version of stored pages: to Every time I visit the webpage


  1. In the address bar of Firefox type about:config
  2. Locate the setting browser.cache.chec_doc_frequency and change it to 1
Safari and Chrome do not have these settings. However you can delete cookies from both through their preferences menus.
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