Can I Use Google AdSense and other advertising code on my Site?


Can I put my own ads on my website?

It is possible to use Google AdSense on Premium ad-free websites. Google Adsense provides HTML as do the majority of affiliate ad programs. You can add the code to your site by using the Custom HTML widget or the Custom Sidebar widget.

IMPORTANT: Google will generate contextual ads based on a rotation. If you see an ad you don’t like on your website, you will have to filter the ad via your Adsense account.

Set up your Google Adsense code

Creating the Google Ad code is done within your Adsense account. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up now at

Depending on where you plan to place your ad unit, make sure you choose the dimensions of your ad carefully. For example, a vertical “skyscraper” ad would work better in your Sidebar.

Edit the page or you want to add the HTML code to


To place your ad in the body of one page, click the “HTML” button at in the toolbar at the top of your SiteBuilder. This will launch a Custom HTML window for you to paste your Adsense code.


Paste the Adsense code and click the “Insert HTML” button. An HTML placeholder will appear in your SiteBuilder.


Click the green “publish” button to see how the ad looks on your live website.


Or, put your Adsense code in your Sidebar.

Using your Sidebar for your Adsense code is a great way to get the ad on multiple pages by placing the code one time.

To access your Sidebar, click on the Site Settings tab once you login to your Webs account, then scroll down to the “More Settings” panel on the right side of the Site Settings page. Click “Manage Sidebar” and this will take you directly to editing options for your Sidebar.

Click the “Custom Module” button to launch the Create Sidebar Module page.


Click the “Edit HTML Source” button to paste the code in the HTML editor.


Click “save” and “publish” once you return to your SiteBuilder. The ad is now on all pages that are displaying the Sidebar Module.


IMPORTANT: Google will only allow up to three Adsense units to appear on a page at one time.

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