How Do I Change How My Name Appears In Email Blasts?

How Do I Change How My Name Appears In Email Blasts?

Now that you’re managing a community of members and keeping them updated via the Email Blasts feature, you may be wondering how to change the display name that appears when you send your Email Blasts. This is done from your WebsID dashboard.

First, log into your WebsID dashboard by using your email address and password to log in at


It’s important to login using your email address in place of your username. Logging in with your email address will sign you into your WebsID dashboard, where you can see all of your sites.


The first page you will come to is the Dashboard. On the top-right column is a section for “Account Information.” Under “Account Information” is your WebsID (your email address) and a blue button labeled “Manage Accounts Settings.”


Click the “Manage Account Settings” button to pull up the “WebsID Account Settings” box. Click the “change” link for “Your Profile” to launch options to update your information.


Update your name and click the “Update Profile” button.

What you set as Your Name will display when you are sending Email Blasts.

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