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Best Practices: Protecting Your Account

As a Site Owner, you are responsible for how you access your account as well as who else may have access to certain administrative areas of your account. This article will cover the best ways to protect your account.

Login/password practices:

1. Choose a password that’s easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

2. Change your password every few months.

3. Don’t share your login data with anyone.

This includes friends, loved ones and anyone that may be working on your site with you. If you are collaborating on your site with another person, such as a designer, make sure they have their own set of login credentials.

NOTE: You can set another person as an admin by having them join your site as a member and setting them as an “administrator.”

Account verification practices:

1. Update your email address.

If have changed your email address since creating your Webs account, it may be necessary to update this in your Site Settings to ensure your Webs account is not still connected to an email address that you no longer use. It’s important to ensure you are using a current email address for password recovery procedures, as well as receiving important account notifications from Webs.

2. Avoid using your domain webmail as your main account/contact address.

Make sure your account/contact email address is with an outside provider and not your Webs-hosted domain email. This way, if your domain expires we’ll still have a way to contact you.

For more on passwords and other account-related tips, check out the complete FAQ in our Knowledgebase:

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