Manage Account | Deleting a WebsID

How do I delete my WebsID?

If you are certain you want to delete your WebsID, make sure you’ve performed the following steps to disassociate your WebsID from any sites:

  • Either delete or move all your sites to other WebsID accounts so you are not associated with any sites
  • Leave all websites in which you are an admin of
  • Leave all websites in which you are a member of


Make sure oyu're logged in to the dashboard for current WebsID you wish to delete. On the right column is the “Account Information” panel with a blue button for Managing Account settings. Click the Manage Account Settings button to launch the “WebsID Account Settings” window. Here, you will see the "delete" link.




NOTE: If you have not performed the steps to disassociate your WebsID from managed and subscribed sites, you will be prompted to in your WebsID account settings.



Reasons you may have trouble changing or deleting your WebsID:
  • The WebsID (email address) is already in use.
  • There are still sites attached to it.
  • You are trying to make changes from a specific site (username) dashboard instead of your main WebsID dashboard.


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