I Can't Format My Text!

Having Problems Editing Text or Placement of Content

There are many reasons why you may be having problems formatting text or moving the placement of content on your pages. Most of the time the issue can be caused by copying and pasting content from other applications like Microsoft Word, other Web pages, or anything that might have formatting already on the content.

Having a hard time formatting your content?

Formatting (like bold, center, font styles) is applied to text with the use of code, similar to HTML code. Each program has its own proprietary coding methods for applying formatting to text and documents. The most common example of proprietary coding is Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc).


Understandably the example looks like gibberish if you do not know coding. And, we design our tools specifically so that you do not have to know coding.

Until recently, if you copied text from an application such as Microsoft Word into the Site Builder any number of issues could occur. If you were lucky the issues appeared immediately after publishing. Sometimes your page appears fine until you added new content and then suddenly sudden you could no longer edit your page. This was extremely frustrating for many people using our tools!

Our Solution for Copy and Paste Errors

We recently designed a solution that will "sanitize" the formatting code copied from other programs. Depending on which tool you are using the formatting may be completely removed or some of the formatting will remain. In the Site Builder some of the formatting will remain. In the applications such as the Web Store, the formatting will be completely removed.

Tip: It is always a good idea to format your text using the tools we provide. If you have a lot of text you can copy it into Notepad and then from Notepad to the Site builder / Application editor. Then, use our tools to apply the formatting.

Remember, images and files should be uploaded to your account and inserted using the Insert Image or Insert Link option.

Problem with Pasting in Internet Explorer 8?

There are still some things not supported by this browser.  Turning 'Compatibility View' on allows you to paste using menus and keystrokes. 

To Enable Compatibility View:

  1. Navigate to Webs.com within Internet Explorer 8. 
  2. Click the Tools menu in the upper right-hand side of the window.
  3. Select Compatibility View.  This enables the Compatibility View for Webs.com sites.

Click here for a more detailed description of how to enable this.

Problems with Existing Content?

If you copied and pasted content from Word or any other HTML enabled program before the fix we launched this month (May, 2009) and you cannot edit the content, or you find when you try to add new formatting it does not work properly, you will need to remove the content and recreate it.

Fixing Existing Formatting Issues:

  1. Create a new content box, or a new page
  2. Cut the content from the box or page by highlighting the content, right clicking, and selecting "cut"
  3. Open Notepad (Start --> Run --> Notepad)
  4. Paste the content into Notepad
  5. Copy the content from Notepad by highlighting the content, right clicking, and selecting "copy"
  6. Go to the new content box or new page and paste the content by right clicking and selecting "paste"
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