How can I sell downloadable files on my Webs Site?

Selling Downloadable Files through your Site

While we do not currently have an application specially built for selling downloads there are two methods that many of our users use.

Using PayPal Confirmation Pages

This is probably the easiest way to sell downloadable files on Webs.

  1. Create a "confirmation page". This confirmation page would be a page that you made in your account that links to your file for download. You can link to the file you wish to have downloaded by using the "link" button in the left toolbar. (In Classic edit mode, this is the chain link icon.)
  2. Keep the confirmation page hidden by clicking the Page Options link at the top of the page in the Site Builder and select Hide From NavBar.
  3. Create the Paypal button using our PayPal widget. While editing the page where you want the button, create or click on a content box. Select the "extras" button on the lefthand side to access the widgetbank. From there, search for "PayPal" to pull up the PayPal button options. Fill in your account information and provide a link to the confirmation page you created in the "Confirmation Page" field.

When your customer selects the PayPal button for your downloadable file, it will take them to PayPal's site to buy the file. After they have paid, PayPal will forward them to your confirmation page. There the customer can download the file.

Using Password Protection

You can use the Password Protection option for protecting a page that contains the download link on it. Master Password is a premium service option, but you can also select the free "members only" option if you are using our membership tools.

  1. Upload the file to your site.
  2. Create a page to host the link to your file and use the Password Protect selection under Page Options to password-protect the page.
  3. Set up a method for your customers to pay--either PayPal or the Web Store app.
  4. When you receive payment from a customer, email them a link to the download page and the password.

The downside of this method is that customers cannot download the file immediately after they buy it; they have to wait for you to see their purchase and give them the password. If you do not check your email frequently, this could pose a problem.

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