Manage Account | Changing your WebsID

Your WebsID is a unique email/password combination that allows you to log into one account to manage all of your websites and subscriptions. For this reason, deleting your WebsID may not be the best option. You can still change your WebsID or associate a site with a different WebsID.

How do I change my WebsID?

Use your current WebsIDto login at Make sure you’re using your  address/password combination and not the email username/password combination


This will bring you to your Dashboard where you can view all of the sites you have created and are subscribed to as a member:



On the right column is a panel called “Account Information” with a blue button for Managing Account settings:



To change your WebsID, click the Manage Account Settings button. You will launch a window called “WebsID Account Settings.” Here is where you can change your WebsID and password.



Once you click to “change” your WebsID, you’ll be prompted to enter a new email address to associate your account with.



Make sure you enter an address that is not already in use as a WebsID. If you do you’ll receive the following message “The supplied email is already a registered WebsID. You must choose an email address that is not already a WebsID.”



This means that you have to follow the steps in the next portion of this article:

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