Why can't I edit my website?

Why Can't I Edit My Website?

There are a few reasons why you may have problems editing your website.

  • A security application on your computer or built into your browser could mistake the editing tools for a threat and block them from working properly
  • Custom content such as custom HTML or widgets from third party sites could have an error in the code.

Security Applications or Browser Settings

How can I tell if a security application or a browser setting is blocking my ability to edit my website?
  • The site builder does not load, or you see a blank white page when you try to edit the page
  • Your browser freezes or crashes when you try to edit your pages
  • You cannot see editing buttons or the editing toolbar
  • The error happens on most or all of the pages you try to edit
  • You were able to edit before but you can suddenly no longer edit

Make sure you are using a compatible browser

The very first thing to test when you have problems editing your site is to use a different browser. Many times editing issues can be specific to a browser. Most popular browsers are free to use.

What is a browser?

Info-sml.jpgA browser is a program used to view webpages on the internet. Popular browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. When you edit your website you are accessing the editing tools through your browser. Different browsers have slightly different ways of reading and interacting with webpages.

We have tested our Site Building tools in different browsers and these are the ones we recommend you use when editing:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 and higher

Browsing history and cookies

What are cookies?

Info-sml.jpgA cookie is a message given to a Web browser by a Web server. The browser stores the message in a text file. The message is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.

Sometimes cookies can become corrupt and need to be cleared out in order to restore your ability to edit. Additionally, if you have disabled cookies for any reason you will need to make sure they are enabled when you edit your website.

If you are not sure how to delete your cookies or enable them, select your browser from this list to get step by step instructions:

Browser security settings

Most browsers have built in security settings designed to protect you from threats on the internet while you are browsing. Unfortunately in some cases these security settings can mistake the editing tools for a threat. Make sure webs.com is in your trusted sites list and you have your browser security settings set to medium for the internet.

You can verify your browser's security settings through the Internet Options menu option under Tools.

Turn off Third Party Toolbars

Sometimes a toolbar can cause conflicts with the editing tools. Popular toolbars include Yahoo, Microsoft Live Search, Ask.com, and the AOL toolbar. You can temporarily disable these toolbars to test that they are not causing problems when you edit.

Make sure Flash and JavaScript are up to date

Flash and JavaScript are tools embedded in your browser that allow your browser to be interactive, and function more like a program installed on your computer. Both are free to install and use.

Verifying and upgrading your version of Flash


Verifying and upgrading your version of JavaScript


Security Applications on your Computer

What are security applications?

Info-sml.jpgSecurity applications include Firewalls, Anti Virus programs, Pop up blockers and anything else installed to protect your computer while you are on the internet. Check the documentation for your specific security application for adding webs.com to your trusted sites.

Custom HTML or Copy / Paste Content

How do I know if it is custom code that is causing my editing problems?
  • The editing error is specific to one or a couple of pages
  • You recently added new content to a page and could no longer edit it
  • You have copied and pasted content from other websites or programs like Word (more information on copying and pasting content)

The easiest way to fix this kind of editing problem is to remove the most recently added content.

If you cannot remove the content, try recreating the specific page by creating a new page and recreating the content. Once you have recreated the page, you can delete the original page and "replace" it by giving the new page the exact same page name.

Still Having Problems?

If you have followed these instructions and find that you are still having problems, please be sure to report it!

Include the following information in your topic -

  • Your site address
  • The page or pages where the problem exists
  • Exactly what you are trying to add or remove from the page
  • What browser (include the version) you are using
  • Any error messages you receive (look in the status bar of your browser, if you see a yellow yield sign, double click on it, and provide the descriptive error text)

Click here to report the problem.

Note: If you are a premium customer please visit the Support section of your account to email our support team directly.
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