How can I get a custom template on Webs?

Is it possible to customize the template for my website?


  1. Each template has several motifs - motifs are different color schemes for the template
  2. Add your own logo, header, footer, and background images
  3. Edit the CSS for the template in the Advanced editor

First, if you are not already familiar with the template editor, it is a good idea to read the following tutorial.

Edit Template | Change Template, Background, Titles, Logos

Note: you must use one of our templates in the Site Builder. Third party templates will not work with the site building tools.

Change your Motif


  1. Click Modify Template
  2. In the Change Template section browse for your preferred template
  3. Hover over the template and select from one of the additional colors 
  4. Select the motif and click Save Design

Add your own Logo, Header, Footer, and background images

  1. In the Site Designer click Header & Footer
  2. Click Header & Logo
  3. Upload, reset, remove your custom Logo image or edit the size of the header and text in the header


Edit the CSS from the Advanced Template Editor

If you are feeling adventurous, or you have experience editing CSS, this option is for you.


Ready to take your Advanced CSS to the next level? Check out this helpful resource!

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