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Creating a Links Page

Links-PageIcon.jpgThe Links application lets you to add organize links to your favorite sites files. Automatic thumbnails and your descriptions give visitors a preview of where they're headed!

Note: If you just need to create a link on a page to a website, file, or another page you don't have to use the links app. The editor in each page type has an insert hyperlink option.


The links app is just a great way to organize a large number of links into one page.

Adding a Links Page

  1. Go to the Site Manager from the Edit Site menu
  2. Click Add a New Page
  3. Select the Links Icon and give the page a name
  4. Click Create to be redirected to the Links Editor

Links Settings

The Link Settings option allows you to give the Links page a Title, Description and select your display settings.


Edit Categories

The Link Categories option allows you to add links in different logical groups.


Add Link

When you add a link, you will select your category and add details such as the URL and description. A thumbnail will be automatically generated for the website you are linking to.

  • Link Location
    • Existing Category
    • New Category
  • Add Link Details
    • URL
    • Name
    • Description
    • Open in New Window
Tip: The Site Preview will automatically show a thumbnail of the website you are linking to.

Editing Categories and Links

Once you have added categories and links you can edit them using the toolboxes that appear above the link or category you have selected. Each link and category can be edited or deleted using these options.

Edit Category


Edit Link


Tip: Links can also be added to other pages using the hyperlink icon found in the Site Builder.


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