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Forums-Icon.jpgThe Forums Application allows you to instantly add a full discussion forum or message board to your site. The Application currently offers a full three tier forum with features like replies, signatures, and rich text posts.

Creating your Forum

  1. Click Edit Site
  2. Select Site Manager
  3. Click Add a New Page under My Pages
  4. Select Forums from the Add a New Page pop over
  5. Give the Forum a name and click Create Page


Forum Settings


The Forum settings section allows you give the forum a Description, Default View and the ability to hide posts that have been flagged as abusive a certain number of times by your community. 

Click the Settings button in the Forum Editor to get to the Forum Settings section.


In the Settings section you can add a description for your forum. The description will appear in the top section of the main page of the forum. You can add images, text, videos and custom HTML code to the forum description.


Default View

Your forum can be set to default to the normal view or to show the recent topics. Your visitors can switch between the views on the public site by clicking the hyperlink next to view: on the main forum page from normal to recent topics.

Normal View:

this option shows the forum in the traditional forum view. Forums will be grouped by category and each forum will show the number of topics, posts and the last updated date.

Recent Topics View:

this option lists the recent forum topics with the number of replies, views, and last post listed.


Hide posts after flagged

Your forum visitors can flag forum posts that are inappropriate. If you select to have a post hidden after a certain number of reports, the post will be removed from public view.

Where do flagged posts go?

When you log into your forum as the site owner you will see a message at the top of the forum if there have been flagged posts. Click the message to manage the flagged posts where you will have the option to unflag or delete the post.

Add New Category

Categories allow you to organize your forum topics into groups. You can choose or create a Heading Group and create a new Category under that group. It is also possible to set the category view permissions to Anyone, Moderators, or Members.

How to Add a New Category

  1. Edit your Forum through the Edit Site section of your account
  2. Click the Add New Category button
  3. Choose a Heading Group
  4. Select from an existing Heading Group or create a new one for your new Category.
  5. Create New Category
  6. Under each Heading Group you can have multiple categories. Set up your forum categories by giving the category a Name and a Description. Choose who can view the category from the drop down list.
  7. Save your new Category

Setting Moderators

Permissions for your members are set in your global Members Application. Login to your account at and click the "My Members" link located in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you can set different permissions for your members. What is the Members Application and how do I use it?

How to be the "Site Owner" level on your site

The Site Owner is a special privilege that only one person can have. To setup yourself as the Site Owner, login to your account and click the Site Settings section in Edit Site. If your email address is verified, you will automatically have your WebsID setup and attached to your site as the Site Owner (with the same email/password as your site). If you have not verified your email address, you will need to do that first.

Post New Topic

Forum-NewTopicButton.jpgTopics are where your forum members can interact with your forum. If you have created a good organizational structure using the Categories your members will know exactly where to post their topics. Once a topic is posted other members can respond to the topics with posts.

How to post a New Topic

  1. Log into the forum on your web site
  2. Click one of the Categories
  3. Click the New Topic button
  4. Give the Topic a Title
  5. Enter your Topic Post

Edit A Topic


Site owners and moderators can any and delete any posts and topics by clicking the edit icon. Site members can also edit and delete their posts, however, there is a 10 minute time limit on this. This is to prevent members from editing an old post that has already been replied to multiple times. There is no time limit on the moderator and site owner privileges.

Post a Reply to a Topic

A reply can be posted to forum topics by members or moderators. The post can be formatted with images, links, and custom HTML code.

Forum Sidebar Module (Recent Forum Topics)

The Forums Application also has a sidebar module called "Recent Forum Topics" which displays titles to recently active forum topics, who posted, and when it was updated. The module is automatically generated when any activity happens on the forum.

To enable Sidebars on your site or to show or hide the Upcoming Events module, simply click the "Manage Sidebars" tab at the far upper right of your editor. If you have sidebars disabled, you can enable them with the button on that page.

Anonymous Posting to the Forum

Some users have asked if the forum can be set to allow anonymous posting. Most forums on the internet prevent this. The main reason is that without requiring membership, forums tend to get completely spammed by bots.

If you need a place for anonymous people to post, we suggest using instead the guestbook. In addition, you can use your blog as a means of creating topics for discussion (by posting blog entries) and that also allows anonymous comments.

Can I have Multiple Forums?

As with all our Applications, you can only have one Forum Application on your site. This is to centralize the forum discussions into one place. it also has advantages like compiling all the recent forum topics into one sidebar module.

The purpose of the Headings and Categories is to allow multiple different topics to occur at once in one forum, but still in an organized fashion. If you have a different topic, we would recommend simply creating a new heading and categories.

Another thing you can do is to add specific categories to your navbar (so they act like their own forum). To do this, edit your forum and go to the category you want to add a link to. Then choose "Page Options" and select "Add to Navbar".

Can my Members Post Videos?

No, only the site owner can post videos to the forum. However we do have the Video Gallery application that you can use to allow your members to post videos.

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