Site Settings

Site Settings

The Site Settings (formerly My Account) section is used to manage your Primary Web Address, Site Information, Credentials, Usage, Email Notification Preferences and other options.

Primary Web Address

Your Web Address is what your visitors will use to access your website. They can type your Web Address into their browser's address bar to go directly to your website.

Tip: Once you select your Primary Web Address you will want to submit your site to search engines if you want your visitors to be able to search for your website instead of typing the site address into their address bar.

More information on submitting your site to search engines can be found here.

Select your Primary Web Address

  2. (default)
  3. If you have custom domain names they will be listed here as well

Get a Custom Domain Name

Remove the section of your site address by getting a custom domain name.

You can check if a domain name is available through this section. If the domain name is available, you will be taken to the purchase page for the domain.

Site Information

The Site Information section of your account is where you can create your Site Profile. A Site Profile is used when you join a web ring as we all through other places in our community.


  1. Your Name
  2. Site Title - appears at the top of your website
  3. Site Tagline - appears at the top of your website (under the title)
  4. Site Topic - helps categorize your website
  5. Site Description - appears in search engines
  6. Site Tags/Keywords - appears in search engines
  7. Site Footer - appears at the bottom of your site
  8. Include site in the Webs Directory
  9. Site Picture

Master Account Information

In the Master Account Information section you can update your WebsID to another existing WebsID.

Note: The email address you want to use as a WebsID must be an existing WebsID. If it has not been registered with a site yet, you can join your own site with the email address before setting it as your WebsID in Site Settings.


Site Credentials

Site Credentials include your Username, Password, Contact Email Address, Form Email Address, Account type and Account Number.


Site Usage

Site Usage provides details about the resources your site is using. This includes the amount of Web Space and Bandwidth your site is using, and how many form submissions you have received.

Bandwidth and form submissions reset monthly on the rest date shown in this section. Web space does not reset.

Web Storage

Each site comes with a specific amount of file storage space for things like photos, videos, documents, and other such files. You can delete files from your File Manager.

Tip: If you have deleted files from your account and your Web Storage meter is not updating, log off of your Webs account, then log back on. This should refresh the usage and allow you to upload files again.
Warning: If you delete files from your File Manager, they will not appear on your website any more. Make sure not to delete any files that you are still using on your website.


Bandwidth is the amount of upload/download space your site is allotted. Every time a visitor views a file or page they are using your site's bandwidth.

For example, if a visitor views a picture that is 100kb in size, that will use 100kb of your monthly bandwidth. Your bandwidth meter automatically resets every month.

Form Submissions

The number of submissions sent through forms on your website. This meter also resets monthly.

Email Notification Preferences

In this section you can set the number of emails you receive from the community features of your site.


  • New Comment
  • New Guestbook Signature
  • New Ring Comment
  • New Ring Invitation
  • New Ring Join Request
  • New Site Member
  • Private Message

Other Settings


Manage Comments

Delete this website

This will completely delete your website and account. It is not possible to reverse it once you have deleted your website. 

Note: If you the account you are trying to delete is Premium you will see a Cancel Services option instead of the Delete this Website option.

The Cancel Services section will take you to your Billing page where you can cancel and manage your existing subscriptions.
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