How do I change my Site Address?

Changing Your Site Address or Your Username

When you first create an account with us you create a username or Site Address. Your username becomes the unique part of your website's address or URL (uniform resource locator). Your username is also what you use to log into your account.

Options for Changing your Username and Site Address

By default, your site address is In the Site Settings section you can change your Primary Web Address or you can register a custom, unique, and professional domain name.


Changing your Username

You can change just your username through the Site Settings section by clicking Change next to your username in Site Credentials. If you are using the / address, changing your username will also change your site address. If you have a custom domain name, your custom domain name will not change.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to change my username if I get a domain name?

No. When you add a domain name to your site, you do NOT need to change your username as well. You would give your domain name to people so they could find your site, but use your old username to log into your account to edit your site.

How do I change my username?

You can change your username at any time through the Site Settings section of your account. Changing your username changes the unique part of your Webs address, as well as the name you use to log in with. A processing fee of $5 is charged to change a username.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to the Site Settings section in Edit My Site
  3. Click Change next to your Username
  4. Confirm that you want to change your username
  5. Select a new username and provide your billing information for the $5 fee
Note: You will need to reinsert your images and file links to reflect the new URL / address of your site. Also, if you have a domain name you may not be able to access your domain name for up to 24 hours while the username change is applied.
I accidentally misspelled my username when I signed up. Can't you change it for free?

We are not able to process username changes without a valid transaction ID for the $5 required fee. However, if you just created your account and haven't put much or any content on it yet, you may wish to simply create another account with the proper spelling of your username and create your site there. You can then delete the account with the incorrect username.

I changed my username and now my site does not show up!

Once we change your username you will need to select your new primary address. Go to the Site Settings section to do that. You may also need to reinsert images into your pages and publish your site again for everything to show up properly.

How to Change Your Site Address

You can change your Primary Site Address at any time through the Site Settings section.

Tip: You can further customize your site address at any time by registering your own domain name ( You can always change the domain attached to your account and even have multiple domains attached to one Webs account.

How to Change Your Site Address With a Custom Domain Name

For information on custom domain names please check the following article out.

Domain Names | Customizing your Web Site Address

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