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Are you trying to edit a page, and the site builder just will not load? There are a few reasons this might happen. 

How to Troubleshoot Loading Errors with the Site Builder

First, check to see if the error is specific to one page or if it affects all pages. Determining this will narrow down the possible reasons why the Site Builder might not be loading.

Error loading just one one Page?

If the Site Builder will not load for just one of your pages check for the following - 

  1. Have you recently added a custom widget or other code to that page?
  2. Do you have a lot of content that is not split up into multiple content boxes?

You can fix the error by creating a new page. Recreate the page using more than one content box and make sure you create separate content boxes for custom widgets or code. At least until you're certain the codes work! Once the new page is created, delete the old page through the Site Manager.

Tip: If the page that will not load is your home page, you can make any one of your other pages the home page by using the "Switch Homepage" option in the Site Manager.

Error loading all Pages?

There are three possible reasons why the Site Builder will not load for all pages.

Custom Code in your Title, Tag Line and Footer

Remove all custom code from your Title, Tag Line and Footer through the Site Settings section of your account. 

Custom Code in the Sidebar

If you have Sidebars enabled and you have custom modules in the Sidebars, try disabling the Sidebars through the Site Settings section of your account. If this resolves the issue, you will need to remove the custom module with the faulty code before re-enabling your Sidebars.

Advanced Custom CSS

If you have tried to modify your template by adding custom CSS to the Advanced CSS option in the Template Editor. Click Modify Template and then select Advanced CSS. 

Note: if you do not want to lose your CSS, copy it into notepad before modifying anything. 

Remove your custom CSS code from the Advanced CSS editor and save your changes. Then, check to see if you are able to load your Site Builder.

None of this worked?

As a last resort, you may need to check what browser you are using. Make sure you are on the latest supported version (do NOT download beta versions, as they have not been tested in our system). Additionally, you can use a different browser. For instance if you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Google Chrome (both are free).

Still having problems? Contact Support!

Here is a direct link to our community topic specific to Site Builder issues. You can comment in the topic with information about the error you are experiencing. Please be sure to provide your website address and the pages you cannot edit so that our team can quickly help you resolve the error.

Community Topic -

Tip: If you are a premium customer you have direct access to our premium specialists through the Support section of your account. Premium customers have access to 24/7 live chat. Not premium? Sign up today!
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