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Managing the Files for your Website

The File Manager is located in the Edit Site section of your account. Usually, you upload files while you are editing your site, uploading tools are built into the different applications and page types. The File Manager is where all of your web site's files are stored. You can upload multiple files as well as rename, move, and organize existing files.

Note: Modifying a file from the Manage Files section will remove it from your web site so be sure to use caution when deleting, moving or renaming files!
What kind of Files do you Support?

You can upload all kinds of files through the file manager, including (but not limited to) images, videos, pdf files, zips and more. Once you have uploaded your file, you can add it to your site through your Site Editor.

Tip: Media Files can be added through the insert Image, Video links or the Photo Gallery, Video Applications. Other files like PDFs, docs, Zips

Upload Tools


Single File Uploader

Allows you to select a single file from your computer. If you have created folders in the File Manager you can choose a folder in the Upload directory option.

Tip: leave the upload directory blank (or at the slash / ) to upload files to the web root. 


Tip: Optimizing Pictures and Videos for the web will reduce the size of images lager than 800x600 and convert video files to swf, or Flash files. This helps maximize the number of files you can add to your account and will also ensure that pictures and videos that you show on your web site will load quickly.

** Uncheck the option if you want your images to appear in full size (for wallpaper or large graphics for instance).

Multiple File Uploader

This feature is available to premium members. It allows you to save time by uploading multiple files at once. You can upload up to 20 files at once by selecting a number of files to upload from the drop down. 


File Manager


The File Manager is a list of all the folders and files that you have uploaded to your account.

Note: Pages and Applications built in the Site Builder will not show up here.

Each tab in the File Manager allow you to filter to just those specific file types.

Note: If you select a tab and a file is not listed there, it means that file is not that supported file type. Some media files do not work on the web, and therefore will show up in the Other tab. You can link to those files to allow your visitors to download them from your site.
Tip: Use the search option to locate a specific file. If you do not remember the full file name you can use the * at the beginning and end of a partial file name to find all files with that partial name in them.

If you would like to upload documents using our Documents App, check out the following article elsewhere in our Knowledge Base:

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