Domain Transfer | Part 2 - Preparing for the Transfer

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Checklist | Before you Transfer your Domain Name

You can greatly increase the chance for a successful domain transfer if you verify a few things before you initiate the transfer.

CheckBox.jpg Your domain name has been registered for more than 60 days

Domain names that have been registered for less than 60 days cannot be transferred to another domain registrar. You will be allowed to try, but the transfer will fail!

CheckBox.jpg You have unlocked your domain name at the existing domain registrar

A domain name status must be unlocked in order for the gaining registrar to successfully request the transfer. Depending on your current registrar, you should have the option to unlock the domain name through the general settings for the domain.

CheckBox.jpg Private Registration is removed from the Domain WhoIS

Privacy hides the WhoIS information from public searches. But, it can also make a domain transfer fail. When the transfer is complete, you will be able to use our privacy option to hide your information. 

CheckBox.jpg The Account or WhoIS information for the domain name should be current

Verify that the registrant email address is current and you have access to it. This is where the verification email confirming your transfer request will be sent. It is a good practice to not use your domain email address as your administrative contact because you may lose access to your email services temporarily during the transfer.

CheckBox.jpg You have received a valid Authorization or EPP Code from your existing registrar

The Authorization key, or EPP code is required to complete a successful transfer.

Some registrars will have a link in the general settings of your domain account to have that code emailed to you. Some require that you contact the registrar to obtain the code. However, all registrars are required by ICANN regulations to provide the information within 5 days of the request by the domain registrant.

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