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WebsID vs. Username vs. Domain

What’s difference between a WebsID, a username and a domain? The three of them may all seem like the same thing, but they each share different characteristics.



Your WebsID is your top-level set of credentials for managing all of your websites and subscriptions. It is a combination of your email address and password. Logging in using a WebsID will take you to a Dashboard that displays every website you own as well as every site you’re subscribed to as a member.




Your username is chosen during the signup process and is used when logging in directly to one of your sites. It is also part of your site’s default address. Logging in with a username will take you to a Site Manager for only one of your websites.


A domain is a unique site address, much like a personalized license plate for your car. A domain consists of a name and a suffix known as an extension. A domain name combined with an extension appears as, or

Domain extensions can be public, such as .com, .net and .biz, or private like .gov (for government organizations). Countries also have designated extensions, such as .uk for the United Kingdom, or .de for Germany. Non-profit organizations generally carry a .org extension.

You can attach more than one domain to a site account.



Primary Web Address


When you create a site on Webs, you’ll automatically have two default site addresses. One is a “” address and the other is a “” address.

If you have added a custom domain to your account, it will appear under your Primary Web Address panel on your Site Settings page, along with your default addresses.

For Example

Sally signs up for Webs and wants “sallysite” to be her username. Since her username is also part of her default web address, her site will be


The email address Sally used to sign up with will become her WebsID. This means that if Sally ever adds a new site to her account, she can login with her WebsID to manage both sites instead of logging in with the username “sallysite.”


Sally may also decide later that she wants to attach a domain to her site. Her domain will become her site address. She can add as many domains to her site as she wants.


In Brief

WebsID is only used for login. Your username can be used as a login and is part of your default site address. Your domain is the base address of every page of your site.

  WebsID username domain
used for login yes yes no
part of site address no yes yes
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