Domain Transfer | Part 1 - Introduction (Your Options)

Domain Transfer | Hosting with

Do you already own a custom domain name? Is it registered somewhere else?

You can transfer the domain name to through 4 simple steps. Or, you can use our DNS hosting to host the website with Webs but leave the registration of the domain name right where it is.


Hosting Options

You have two options when moving your domain name to Webs:

Transfer the registration of the domain name to Webs

  • Allows you to manage your domain name and website in one place
  • Removes the need to remember multiple logins and payments to multiple companies
  • Does not require premium services, and includes ad-free hosting once the transfer is complete
  • Can take anywhere from 2 days to up to two weeks to complete the process

Use our DNS hosting to attach your domain name to your Webs account

  • Get your domain name up and running in 72 hours
  • Does not require a lot of steps
  • Requires an active premium service package
  • Renewals of the domain name are handled through a different company
Note: There are other options such as forwarding and redirecting. However these methods are unstable and could potentially hurt your search engine ranking. We strongly advise using one of the two options above.

The Next Step...

Domain Transfer | Part 2 - Preparing for the Transfer

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