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How To Manage Your Members

Congratulations! Since you’ve added the Members Application to your site, you are now in charge of a community! Here are some important tips that will help you effectively manage your site and help your members with any technical issues.

In this article we will cover:

To quickly access your Members Application, login to your Site Manager. At the top of the right column is a snapshot of your account information with your account type and member count. Click the “manage” link to go directly to your Members Management application.


Managing Community (Abusive Members)

It’s important to keep your Forums, Blogs and other interactive areas of your site fun and safe for all of your members, so there may be a time when you want to remove or restrict an abusive member.

Under Member Permissions, you can change the level of membership for a member by clicking the permissions drop-down and changing them to a “Limited Member.” Limited Members can still view content on Blogs and Forums, but they cannot contribute posts.


You can also click the red “delete” button to permanently remove a member from your listing.

NOTE: If the member tries to re-join, they will be put into a “pending” state where you, the Site Owner, has to approve them.

Protecting Member Profiles

To ensure that outsiders cannot view your members’ information, you can password-protect your member profiles.

While you’re logged into your account as the Site Owner, go to your members list and click on any member name to go directly to their profile in the SiteBuilder.


Under Page Options, select “Password Protect.”


Choose “Limited Members” from the drop-down and click “Set Permission.”

NOTE: Password-protecting one profile will protect every member profile.

Troubleshooting & Reporting Technical Errors

When a member reports a technical error to the Site Owner, they are looking to you for assistance. Since our Support team does not interact directly with your members, it’s important to get the right information from your members prior to escalating a complication to your Webs Support Team.

What kind of information we’re looking for:

  • The member’s email address: This is especially helpful if the member is having login or registration issues. We can look up the member by his or her email address (WebsID) and determine the status of the member account.
  • Screenshots: A screenshot will allow us to put ourselves in your member’s shoes so that we can see what they see. Click here for a how-to on creating screenshots.
  • A description of the issue: This can include links to the pages where the problem occurred and a list of steps they took to get the error.

If several members are reporting the same error, we may be experiencing network issues. However, we still may require some of the above information to assist our developers in resolving any errors as quickly as possible.

Disabling the Members Application

If you decide you no longer want member interaction on your site, it’s easy to turn the application off completely.

While you are logged into your Webs account, click on the Site Settings tab. Down on the right-hand column under “More Settings” is an option to disable Social Website Features.


When you click “Turn OFF” you’ll receive a confirmation prompt:


If you’re sure you want to disable the Members Application, click the blue “Turn Off Social Website Features” button and you’re all set!

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