How to Make Screenshots & Why They Are Important

How to Make Screenshots & Why They Are Important

If you’ve contacted your Webs Support Team to report a complication or bug with your site, you were probably asked to provide a screenshot. Screenshots are probably the single most important piece of data you can provide towards resolving an issue and there are many reasons why.

Depending on your operating system, browser type or browser version, the way your website appears to you may be different for other visitors. Providing a visual example of what you see will put us in your shoes so that we can see exactly what you’re seeing and easily identify what might be wrong.

Screenshots are also extremely helpful to the engineering team. When you submit a screenshot of your issue, we add those images to bug reports so that the issue is easily identifiable if it reoccurs.

In this article we will cover:


Know Your Browser


Since every browser may not display a website the same way, it’s important to know which browser you’re using. The most commonly used Internet browsers right now are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

In addition to browser type, the browser version you’re using is also key. You can find out your browser version under the “About” or “Help” menu of your browser.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your screenshot is of the entire browser window.

Elements of a Screenshot

When creating a screenshot, it is always best to take a screenshot of the full browser window, not just the area where the error or bug exists. The following section will outline the elements of your screenshot and why that data is important!

The live Error, as you see it


SiteBuilder not loading correctly? Seeing a error message? This is the main thing we’re looking for in your screenshot. Since there are so many different kinds of errors, being able to see the error message and any error codes makes a big difference in figuring out where the error comes from.

URL or page address


Including a full view of the browser will also allow us the see the address bar, which includes the URL of the page where the error occurred. Even if the error is standard, the page that the error is showing on is important to know.

Server number


Whenever you log into your Webs account to manage your website, you are logging into a server. Sometimes you may run into a error that other users aren’t encountering. This is because you may be logged into a different server. You can always find the server number in the title bar of your browser or the browser tab.

Browser add-ons or toolbars


Sometimes toolbars can conflict with viewing or editing your website. Many anti-virus programs come with browser toolbars that scan webpages for possible vulnerabilities. There are also other kinds of toolbars that are designed to enhance your browsing experience in other ways. They appear just under the address bar.

Maximize / restore down


Certain elements may be obscured in your SiteBuilder depending on the size of your browser window. When the window covers your entire computer screen, it is maximized. When it only covers a portion of your screen, it is restored. The icons in the upper-right corner of your window indicate if your browser is currently maximized or restored.

How To Create A Screenshot

There will be times when you only get the error intermittently or can only reproduce it on a certain computer. For these issues it is very important to include pictures of what's going on.

To create a screenshot on a PC:

  • Load the page with the error
  • Hold down the Control key and hit Print Screen on your keyboard
  • Open Paint, or another image editing application, hold down the Control key and hit V to paste the image into the application.
  • Save the image as a jpg and attach it to your email


To create a screenshot on a Mac:

  • Load the page with the error
  • Open Grab from your Applications folder
  • Select Capture Screen
  • Save the image (it will be in tiff format)
  • Open the image in iPhoto, Photoshop, or another photo manipulation program
  • Save the image as a jpg and attach it to your email


For more information on what to include with your Support request, check out the following article in our Knowledge Base:
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