Why did my payment fail?

Why did my payment for premium services fail?

There are a few reasons why your payment for premium services or domain name might have failed. Unfortunately, sometimes you may not see a message when you try to attempt the payment, this may cause you to try the payment again.

Note: If you click submit and payment page refreshes instead of directing to a confirmation page, do not try to submit your payment again. Instead, contact support for additional assistance.

New Premium Services or Domain Name

If you recently tried to purchase premium services or a custom domain name from webs and the transaction failed or it appears you were billed multiple times there are a few reasons this may have occurred.

Additionally, you may have noticed the payment attempts have been held from your payment account. Rest assured any payment declined by fraud services has already been returned and will reflect in your payment account in no more than 7 - 10 days.

Verify your billing information

The first thing to check is that you are providing the correct billing address for the card you are trying to use. The billing address you provide must match what your card issuer has on file for you. Please do not try to re-enter the information multiple times. Check with your bank or look on your latest billing statement to make sure you are entering the correct billing address before trying again.

Secure Payment Processor

There are a few security checks that are automated by our payment processor to ensure that the card has not been compromised.  It is possible that your location or other trending factors have triggered our payment processor to decline the payment.

Note: if your billing address is outside the United States, we have received confirmation that some customers have entered the correct information and still had the payment declined. This only affects international customers. If this has happened to you, please use a verified PayPal account to purchase services instead of your credit card.

If you have not yet successfully upgraded

It is possible to purchase premium services using a verified PayPal account. A verified PayPal account must be a PayPal account that has a credit card or checking account set as the default funding source for the PayPal account.

Tip: While it is not possible to purchase just a domain name with PayPal you can purchase one of the packages that include a domain coupon (Enhanced and Pro annual) using PayPal and use the coupon to register a $19.95 domain name.
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