Help! My Services are not Active.

I should have premium services but I don't. Where are my premium services?

You can check the status of your premium services at any time through the Premium Services section of your account.


New Customer?

If you just signed up for premium services there are a few reasons why you may not be able to use them right away.

Payment method

Credit Card - Premium Services are immediately applied

PayPal - Premium Services can take up to an hour to become active on your account

Custom Domain Name

A new custom domain name can take 24 - 48 hours to become fully active. During this time, you may not be able to see or edit your website. More information on new domain names can be found here.

You are still seeing advertisements on your website

To resolve this issue follow these steps -

  1. Log out of your account and log back in
  2. Visit the Premium Services section of your account and verify that your new services show up
  3. Visit Edit Site, and click on the Edit Icon for any normal (non app) page
  4. Click the Publish icon, and then select the option to Publish All Pages
  5. Clear your browser's cookies and cache
  6. View your site, the ads will no longer appear

Existing Customer?

Did you have premium services that suddenly disappeared? Do you have an existing domain name but your website is no longer visible?

Premium Services

Premium Services are set up to automatically renew on each term. If there was an error with your payment method, your services may have expired.

Check the Premium Services section of your account. If no services are listed under "Your Premium Services" your subscription expired and your services were removed. You can purchase a new premium service subscription through this section.

Custom Domain Name

If you have a custom domain name and your website is no longer visible, the domain name may have expired. You are notified multiple times leading up to the expiration of your domain name. The notifications are sent to the account email address. If this address has changed or you have not whitelisted you may not have received these notices.

Notifications are also placed in your account starting up to 60 days before the domain is up for renewal.

You should immediately visit the Domain Names section of premium services and renew your domain name right away. We provide a grace period once the domain name is expired to give the customer the opportunity to renew the domain name and bring it back online. After the grace period expires the domain enters the Extended Redemption Period, and it can be very costly, if not impossible, to recover the domain name at this point.

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