Introduction to the Control Panel

Introduction to the Control Panel

You may have noticed a new tab in the upper right corner of your Site Manager. That is the Control Panel tab. The Control Panel is a great place to access many options to manage and edit your site’s features and settings.

The options are grouped under 5 sections:


Manage Website

If you’re not new to Webs, you’ll already recognize many of the functions listed under “Manage Website.” Here, you can access shortcuts to manage how your pages appear on your navbar, edit the content and design of your site, as well as perform overall settings for your site and add applications.

Premium Services & Support

You’ll notice that the options previously listed under the Premium tab have now been moved to the Premium Services & Support section of the Control Panel. If your site has Premium services such as Web Mail or a domain, you can quickly access those areas from the Premium Services & Support section of your Control Panel.

You can also instantly upgrade your site to Premium from this section!

Marketing & Site Promotion

Need help measuring the traffic to your site and attracting more? We have the tools right here under the Marketing & Site Promotion section of the Control Panel. Here, you can learn how to use Google and Facebook ads to gain more visitors. We also have handy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to help increase the visibility of your site in search engines like Google and Yahoo!

Generate Revenue

The Generate Revenue section offers great tools for the owner of an E-Commerce site. Install web store applications that allow you to easily sell your products online!

Membership & Community

In the Membership & Community section of your Control Panel, you can access shortcuts to manage the social and interactive aspects of your website. Manage members, set how visitors register for your site and easily edit your own Site Owner profile!

Site Usage

You can also view you Site Usage from the Control Panel. Site Usage offers a snapshot of how much of your site’s resources have been used.

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