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Incorrect Email (or Username) and Password Combination?

Passwords are case sensitive and should contain only letters and numbers. If you have created a password using an accented letter or a non supported character, please contact support for assistance.

You have two options when logging into your account. You have what is called a WebsID, and a Username.


A WebsID is an email address. There are a few ways to create a websID.

  1. You created your account at webs.com with a WebsID or
  2. You became a member of someone's webs.com site or
  3. You verified your Account Email Address and followed the steps to associate a WebsID with an existing account

User Name

Your user name is part of your site address. For instance, in the site address http:://webshowto.webs.com "webshowto" is the user name. If you created your account before 2010, you may only have a user name to log in with.

Tip: You might have both a user name and a WebsID email account, and both might just have different passwords! Make sure you are using the correct password for the log in you are using.
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