Working With Audio

Enhancing Your Site With Audio

Adding music and other sounds to your site is easy, but you may be wondering which method is best for you.

In this article we will discuss:


NOTE: Use of copyrighted materials is not recommended. Please ensure that you are the owner of the audio tracks you use for your website!

Choosing & Preparing Your Files

Before using audio files on your site, there are a few things to keep in mind:

In most cases, the .mp3 format is the best option.

  • MP3 is the most commonly-used audio file format which increases its compatibility with more programs.
  • WAV files may have a similar (or better) sound quality in most cases, but since they are often of pure sound recordings, the file size for WAV files is a lot greater than that of MP3s. MP3s are a better option for preserving File Storage Space.
  • WMA files can often match the MP3 format in sound quality and file size, but you may find that MP3s can be used with a greater variety of programs.
  • Files purchased from the iTunes store are not a compatible file format for streaming or using with our media player.

Files with a low bitrate will load faster.

Depending on where you’re using audio on your site, using a smaller file may be a better option. A file exported at a lower bitrate will load a lot quicker for your site, and preserve File Storage Space. The standard bitrate for most MP3 files is 128kbps or 160kbps. Higher quality MP3 files are typically 320 kbps, which makes it great for listening but maybe not for streaming over the Internet.

Tips for reducing the size of your audio files can be found here:
How to Convert an MP3 to a Lower Bitrate

How can I convert music to the correct format?

How the music is saved depends on what options you select in your media player. For instance, if you are copying music from a CD, you should be able to select to save the music as an MP3 in the options. WMA is the default option for Windows Media Player, and I think mpeg is the default for itunes. However, you can change these options in both media players before copying the music files.

If you have already saved the files and do not have the option to recopy them form your cds, you may need to find a way to convert the files to mp3. 


In order for audio to play, the visitor may be required to have the proper audio plugins installed for their browser. If a visitor does not have the proper plugins, they will be prompted to install either Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

Naming your files.

Make sure your file names do not include spaces or characters other than letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens. File names can be changed in your File Manager using the “rename” option in your list of files.

Adding An Audio Player To A Normal Page

To place an Audio player on a Normal Site Page, select the “Video” tool at the top of the SiteBuilder. This will give you video and audio options.


Choose the “audio” option and select from the list of audio files that have already been uploaded, or choose “my computer” to upload a new file.

The type of player that is added to your page depends on if you selected an MP3 file or WMA file:


Adding Music To Your Slideshow

From your mainPhoto Gallery page, select the album you want to add music to.


This will bring you to the the Album Details page. Click on the “more album options” to reveal the “Slideshow Music” option. Here, you can upload an MP3 to use for your Slideshow’s background music or use a previously-uploaded MP3 under “My Files.”


NOTE: Using audio files may slow down or stall your Slideshow’s performance. It is recommended that you use an audio file with a lower bitrate for visitors with a slower connection.

Adding Background Music To A Normal Page

To add background music to a Normal Site Page, go up to the “Page Options” menu in SiteBuilder and select “background music.”


A box called “Change Background Music” will launch and from here, you can choose from previously uploaded files, the Midi Bank, a URL (externally-hosted file) or you can upload a new file.

Once you select which file you want to use, click “Publish” in the SiteBuilder. A tiny media player will appear at the very bottom of the published page with buttons to control playback.

NOTE: Use this feature with caution. Visitors may not be expecting to hear music the first time they visit your site!

To remove background music, simply return to Page Options and click the red delete button next to “background music.”

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