Add A Custom 404 Page To Your Site

How do I add a custom 404 page to my site?

If your visitors end up at a page on your site that does not exist, they will receive a standard Webs 404 page that looks like this:


Why not have a custom 404 page that matches the rest of your site? It’s easy to make one!

NOTE: This only works on an account that has a custom domain name. Learn more about registering a domain name here.

From your Site Manager, add a new blank page and simply name it "not found."


Once you’re directed to the SiteBuilder, go up to the Page Options menu and select “hide from navbar.”


This will ensure that the page is not a part of your main navigation menu once it’s published. (It will appear under your Hidden Pages menu in your Site Manager.)

Type your message in a new Content Box. A message that explains why your visitor has reached the 404 page along with a call to action is recommended. For example:


It’s a blank page, so you can add whatever you want!

Publish your page.

To make sure it works, type in a fake page address for your site into the browser. You should be re-directed to the custom 404 page.


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