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A WebsID is an email / password combination that serves as your master account that your sites live under. This master account simplifies site management by allowing you to manage all of your sites from a single dashboard.

The email address you provide when you create your account with Webs is your WebsID.




Tip: For users who have been with us for a while, you created a user name first when you created your account. 

First, make sure that the Account email address in your Site Settings section is up to date and verified. Then, join your own site with this email address. This will make the email address your WebsID.

My Dashboard

When you log in with your WebsID the first page you come to is your Dashboard





In the Dashboard you can do the following -

  1. Select which site you want to edit
  2. Manage your WebsID account settings
  3. Attach existing sites to your WebsID
  4. Create a New Site
  5. Manage sites you have subscribed to

Sites I've Created

In this section you can manage the sites you have created. Each site will be listed with a thumbnail, the url of the site, a button to edit the site, and four links - Invite Members, Upgrade to Premium (or Manage Premium), Settings, and Delete Site.





Sites I've Subscribed To

Any other webs.com site that you have become a member of will be listed here. You can visit the site, edit your specific profile for the site, or remove your membership from the site through this section.





Account Information

In this section you can view and change your WebsID and Password.





Sites Matching your WebsID

Here you will see listed any Webs.com Sites that have your WebsID as the Account email address. If you know the password to the account you can use the Attach link here to attach the site to your Dashboard.



 You can attach multiple sites to the same "Master Account" through the Site Settings section of each account. Or, by logging into Webs.com with your email address and password and using the option in the Dashboard to add another account.

Note: You will need to know the username and password for the webs.com accounts you want to attach to the Master Account.

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