Manage Account | How do I verify my WebsID or email address

When you create a site with Webs you must enter an email within your credentials. This email becomes your WebsID.

NOTE: Click here for more information on what a WebsID is:


Once your site is created it is necessary to verify you are the owner of this email through our system.

1. When your site is created go to the control panel of your site by clicking the “Panel” button on the navigation bar at the top of the site builder and select the “Website settings”’ icon .




2. On the “Website settings” page, under the “Site credentials” area, you will see a notice indicating “Please verify your email address! (Click here)”. 



3. Click on the “(Click here)” area.

4. Once you have clicked on the notice you should see another notice on the page indicating that you have been sent a confirmation email.



5. Once this is completed please login to the email that is on the notice.

6. You will have a confirmation email in your inbox.  Select the email and click on the link to verify the email address you submitted. 




NOTE: If you have not received a confirmation email you should check your spam and junk mail folders to make sure you have properly white listed emails from

Follow this link for information on how to properly white list emails:


7. Once you do this you should see a pop up indicating the verification was successful.



 8. Once you click “Ok” on the pop up this will take you to your site.


When you return to your website and log in you will be directed to your WebsID dashboard.

NOTE: Click here for a detailed explanation of what the WebsID dashboard is:


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