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How do I attach a site to my WebsID?

There are two ways to use another WebsID for a specific site. You can use the first method while you are still logged in under your WebsID.

On your Dashboard under the “Site I Have Created” menu is an option that says “Do you have other sites that aren't listed? Attach them here!”



Click the link to attach and window will launch, prompting you to “Attach a site to your WebsID.”



Enter the username and password for this site and click “Attach this site.” The site will now appear on your Dashboard.

How do I attach a WebsID to my site?

Similar mehod as above, but in reverse.


Log in with the username/password combination. The username is uniquely associated with one website under your account. Click on Site Settings. On the left column of your Site Settings page is a panel for “Master Account Information.”

Click the blue “Use Another WebsID” button.



This will launch a window that says “Attach A WebsID’ where you can enter the email address/password combination.



This means that the next time you log in a using the email/password combination, this site will be added to your Dashboard under “Sites I’ve Created.”

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