Can I put two content boxes side by side?

Organizing your Content by using Columns

Can I put two content boxes side by side?

While it is not possible to add multiple content boxes in a row, it is possible to create multi-column content using the Site Builder and Sidebars. You can use the Split Content Box option in the Site Builder to split a content box into up to 3 columns.

Note: You must be in the Site Builder, not the old paragraph editor, to split a content box using the following method.

When editing your page, click on the content box to select it. Then you should see the content box options dialog appear just above the content box. The fourth option given will allow you to split the content box into columns. Click on that to see how it works. You can select 2 or 3 columns.


After you split the content box you can modify the properties of the lines that appear between each split. By default they will be invisible on your live website. You also have the option to make them visible, wide, dotted, and different colors.


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